Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cerberus: Chapter 22

Cerberus: Copper, Carnelian
From Borges: "If Hell is a house, the house of Hades, it is natural that it have its watchdog; it is also natural that the watchdog be fearful."

My dogs are a little cute, though, I think, with their big ears and big eyes.  There was some exploration of the number of heads cerberus has, with three as the conclusion. Later, though, there is mention that his tail is a serpent, with which he would bite anyone trying to leave Hades. I had sketched that serpent tail into my mask- partially for accuracy, and partially for balance. I looked at my sketch right before I made my pattern, but I did not reference the book, and remembered that bit on my sketch as a scorpion tail, which is what I fabricated. This doesn't bother me; this is how stories are meant to be; living, breathing, and sometimes changing.

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