Monday, December 5, 2011

The Ass with Three Legs: Chapter 9

The Ass with three Legs: Copper, Shell Eyes
Some of these creatures could use an updated name. This guy is a pretty awe-inspiring beast- his name less so. For this chapter, Borges quotes the Bundahish, a rewritten version of the works of Zarathustra's works destroyed by Alexander the Great:
"Of the three-legged ass it is said that it stands in the middle of the ocean and that three is the number of its hooves and six the number of its eyes and nine the number of its mouths and two the number of its ears and one the number of its horn. Its coat is white, its food is spiritual, and its whole being is righteous. And two of its six eyes are in the place where eyes should be and two on the crown of its head and two in its forehead; through the keeness of its six eyes it triumphs and destroys... As to its ears, they overshadow Mazdanderan. Its horn is as of gold and hollow, and from it a thousand branchlets have grown. With its horn it will bring down and scatter all the machinations of the wicked."

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