Monday, September 3, 2012

Lillith: chapter 71

Lillith: Copper, Fabric, Steel Chain, Silver Stars
This one really needs a better photo, but for now, at least she is complete. Lillith is a complex character, moreso than many monsters. Originally a Talmudic explanation for why there might be two conflicting creation stories in the old testament, she has, at various time, been a fertility goddess, a childeating monster, and a symbol of the sexual revolution associated with feminism. She's done a lot. Part of Borges take on her follows.

"...thoughout the middle ages the influence of the word Layil, Hebrew for "night" gave a new turn to the myth. Lillith is no longer a serpent; she becomes an apparition of the night... In the popular imagination she is a tall woman with long black hair worn loose"

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