Friday, August 19, 2011

Lamed Wufniks **Process**

Lamed Wufniks, with exterior cuts done
There are 36 lamed wufniks. While each mask is relatively quick, this means that this one creature will, inevitably, take several days. I apologize for the boredom, but just imagine if you were here, in the shop. Getting from the sheet in the entry below this to the stack in the photo above took almost a full day, and left my lower arms with a whole bunch of parallel cuts that just don't look like workman's comp could ever apply to them.
Cutting out all the eyes took another 5 hours- only half a day, but I do have to keep my studio running, too, so I called it there. Next will be sanding- after which, they'll look just like this. So I'll share a photo of something else.


  1. once your masks know they are lamed vovniks, they will cease to be lamed vovniks, hence they should remain works in progress.

  2. Hey! Is that a reason to not sand them? Cause I could go for that....

    Really, I was hoping to just not tell them what they are, and hope they don't figure it out on there own.