Monday, August 29, 2011

Valkyrie: Chapter 117

Copper. Displayed on wood hat form.
I skipped ahead, in order to fulfill my part of the TADA alphabet challenge. V is for Valkyrie.
I feel no need to reinvent the wheel- this Valkyrie is made from an amalgamation of several actual Norse and Anglo Saxon helmets, with the wings on the side that I think I picked up from growing up with comic books. This is what a Valkyrie looks like, too me. From Borges "Valkyrie means, in early Germanic langauges, the 'chooser of the slain.' We do not know how the people of germany and of Austria imagined them; in Norse mythology they are lovely maidens who bear weapons...Under the spreading influence of Christianty, the  name Valkyrie degenerated; in medieval England a judge had burned at the stake an unlucky woman charged with being a Valkyrie; that is to say, a witch."

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