Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Amphisbena: Chapter 3

Copper, Glass Eyes
Ok, scale maille? It is impossible. I've done regular chain maille before, and thought it couldn't be much worse. Wrong. it's awful. I'm never doing it again. Gah.

Anyway, the amphisbeana ended up taking the better part of two days, and he's a pretty simple mask. He fits wonderfully, though, and is probably the most comfortable imaginary being to date. So, there's that.

Borges quotes Brunetto Latini's Tesoro. "The Amphisbaena is a serpent having two heads, the one in its proper place and the other in its tail; and it can bite with both, and run with agility, and its eyes glare like candles" He then quote all sorts of classical arguments for why is can not exist, though also a list of similar imaginary creatures that popped up around the world after this one was debated away. 

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