Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Celestial Stag: Chapter 20

The Celestial Stag; Copper, Sterling Silver, 22kt Gold
I never would have known of this critter without Borges, and I love him. Here's Borges on him: "We know absolutly nothing about the appearance of the celestial Stag (maybe because nobody has ever had a good look at one), but we do know that these tragic animals live underground in mines and desire nothing more than to reach the light of day. They have the power of speech and implore miners to help them to the surface. At first, a Celestial Stag attempts to bribe the workmen with the promise of revealing hidden veins of silver and gold..."

The Stag could cause some real trouble, though; sometimes torturing miners to death. If they ever did reach the surface, they dissolved into poison. Despite that, though, and the beast is still, in my mind, beautiful, full of an aspiration I can quite understand. I've given this stag the night- on one side, he has the big dipper, on the other, the little dipper. Around his eyes are tiny dots of gold. Silver and gold both form into veins on his antlers, all of which, sadly, taper off before reaching their tips, or the air.

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