Friday, September 16, 2011

Chinese Fox: Chapter 26

Chinese Fox- Copper, Silver Leaf, Pearl, Jade
Well, this one was hard. First thing, Chinese foxes look just like normal foxes, except for being even more troublesome. And why are they more troublesome? Because they're shapeshifters. According to Borges, their favorite forms are "old men, young ladies, and scholars". So I went general, here. I used my fox base pattern (yes, I've made foxes before), and put on some scholarly eyebrows, and then made the whole thing pretty like a young girl, but with the silver hair of an old man. Not my most inspired mask, but there's 197 of the things, they can't all be the best. Sorry. Maybe I'll redo him later. Maybe other folks will like him and I'll submit to peer pressure and decide i like him, too, and this entry will be the only proof otherwise. We'll see.

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  1. i came across your blog from your etsy shop, and although you've said you don't think this is inspired.... it's one of my favourites! you've brought all of those elements you described in the creature beautifully, and the mask is gorgeous.