Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the Chimera: Chapter 24

Chimera- Copper, Rooster feathers
Now that my big sheets of copper have arrived, I'm really able to get going. I had all sorts of plans for the Chimera's mane, but the feathers really ended up working the best. Now, of course, I've used up my old stock of feathers, but he's lovely, isn't he?

According to Borges, Homer wrote "that it came from divine stock and was a lion in it's foreparts, a goat in the middle, and a serpent in its hindparts..." Borges goes on to describe several very old, and very convoluted, methods of explaining away the chimera. He concludes "The patchwork image disappeared but the word remained, signifying the impossible"


  1. This whole project is amazing. I'm enjoying every post. The process posts are great - it's so nice to see these things in progress. Many of the masks have been my "favorite" as they are completed. This one is my new fav - it's so beautiful, but also kind of scary.

    I notice the mask is on a plexiglas support in the first photo. Do you have a way to display them?? Or does that come in the end.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!

    So far, I am displaying them by piling them on top of each other on a shelf near my ceiling. This will have to change. I'm honestly not at all sure how this project will end, and even less sure how they'll be displayed. This guy actually does hang from a wall pretty well, but many of them don't- others sit nicely on a shelf/ pedestal. A few really don't work except on the face.