Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Animals in the Form of Spheres, Chapter 7.

Animals in the Form of Spheres, Chapter 7. Copper, Various Agates and Jaspers, Mother of Pearl.
I had fun with this one. I think I may make a sun monocle, just for kicks.

From Borges-
"...Plato thought the world to be a living being and in the Laws(898) stated that the planets and stars were living as well, In this way, he enriched fantastic zoology with vast spherical animals and cast aspersions on those slow witted astronomers who failed to understand that the circular course of the heavenly bodies were voluntary..."

I had never heard this before, in having studied what I thought was a great deal about classical interpretations of the cosmos. And I love it- this is by far the most logical and concise explanation for Mars in retrograde I've found- excepting, of course, allowing all the planets to orbit the sun.

This also marks the first time I have ever made and used my own bezel wire. The current silver market made it worthwhile to make copper bezels.

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