Monday, April 25, 2011

**Work in Progress** Abnu and Anet, Chapter 2

This is the basic process. I have almost the whole book annotated, already. I'm starting with some of the simpler masks- and most certainly with masks I don't need to order parts for- but also trying to stay sortof in order. Chapter one requires some research and development, so I've got chapter 2 going. Fairly simple, fairly straightforward- two identical fish, swimming.
If I do sketches, I do them directly onto the mask form. This one started from my smallest form, and, wanting fish to be identical, I only drew half. Then I inked that sketch, traced it onto white paper, cut that out, and used it as a stencil (twice) on the metal. When tracing onto the metal, I put down the mask form, under the fish, in order to make sure the alignment was all correct. I never did a full paper form for this, and never fit it to the face-I am, however, quite certain it will.

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