Thursday, April 7, 2011


Just mucking around on a beautiful sunshiny day at the end of March, I picked up "the Book of Imaginary Beings" and laid down in the hammock. Six hours later, with underlined passages and sketches on many of the pages, I was on to something. I decided I would do it before looking at the logistics of the thing. This is the largest endeavor I've taken on since my thesis work in school, if not larger. Assuming I complete this, that will be 197 masks (161 different creatures, but one will need 36 masks). My thought was to start on my birthday, April 1 and try to finish by my next birthday. One year, though, is very little time, considering that I also own and run a small business. I'll try, though. So far I've not begun a single mask for the project. I have, instead, been very adult. I've looked at logistics, and written up a budget; I've also found that the copyright of the book is a bit difficult. There are newer versions published, but the Giovanni translation/collaboration is the one I fell for, and I plan to stick with that one. I've daydreamed quite a bit about the finished collection and what I could possibly do with, where I could possibly hang, so many masks.

I'm in love.


  1. Well, it only took me a month and change to notice this project, but I am now completely gripped by it and following intently.

  2. Absolutely stunning undertaking, Kest, the creative adventure of it all for you and for us! Love the concept!

  3. it will be an adventure, no doubt. Glad to have you both following along.