Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Behemoth: Chapter 15

Behemoth, Chapter 15: From Borges- "We give the ten verses in the translation from the Latin Vulgate by Father Knox(XL:10-19): 'Here is Behemoth, my creature as thou art, fed in the same grass the owen eat; yet what strength in his loins, what lustihood in the navel of his belly! Stiff as cedarwood his tail, close-knit the sinews of his groin, bones like plates of steel! None of God's works can vie with him, no weapon so strong in the hands of its maker...' "

Behemoth is generally considered to be an elephant. I made him a dinosaur because I am, by nature, contrary.


  1. Wonderful creative interpretion, Kest. Love the shapes and surface treatment!