Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fastitocalon: Chapter 41

Copper, Fossilized Seashells
Borges quotes an Anglo Saxon bestiary for the Fastitocalon, as translated by R.K. Gordon:
          ...mighty whale. He to our sorrow is often found dangerous and fierce to all
          seafaring men. The name Fastitocalon is given him, the floater on ocean
          streams. His form is like a rough stone, as if the greatest of seaweeds, girt by
          sandbanks, were heaving byt the water's shore, so that seafarers suppose
          they behold some island with their eyes...When he, skilled in treachery, feels
          that the voyagers are set firmly upon him...then suddenly the ocean creature
          sinks down with his prey into the salt wave...

I was tempted to just make a little ship haircomb, and figure the wearer's head would then become the fastitocalon. I was also tempted to affix a palm tree in the middle of the whale's back, like on desert islands in cartoons. I did neither.

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