Thursday, June 2, 2011

Leucrocotta: the other half of Chapter 30

Copper, Antler, Nails, Silver
Borges quotes Pliny for this one- "...the head of a badger, a cloven hoof, the mouth slit up to the ears, and one continuous bone instead of teeth..."

I gave him antlers because, somewhere else in there, there was mention of him having the legs of a stag, and other bits of other animals, and I wanted to have the feel of an amalgam, but only had a head to work with. His teeth are made from a plate of nails, as is intended to go into a nailgun. And he has an adorable little black nose, because I looked up badgers, and while I know they are formidable beasts, it turns out they are also adorable.

Once I finished Leucrocotta, I decided that the Crocotta also needed little horns, to make them visually cousins, as they are cousins in the book. Both will, when complete, be made of copper, have steel teeth, and have antlers. I think that is sufficient family resemblance.

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