Saturday, May 7, 2011

Antelopes with Six Legs, Chapter 8

From Borges- "Siberian myth attributes six legs to the first Antelopes. With such an endowment it was difficult or impossible to catch them; Tunk-Poj,the divine huntsman, made some special skates with the wood of a sacred tree which creaked incessantly and that a barking dog had revealed to him. The skates creaked too and flew with the speed of an arrow; to control and restrain their course, he found it necessary to wedge into the skates some blocks made from the wood of another magic tree. All over heaven Tunk-Poj hunted the Antelope. The beast, tired out, fell to the ground, and Tunk-Poj cut off its hindmost pair of legs. 'Men' said Tunk-Poj, 'grow smaller and weaker every day. How are they going to hunt the Antelopes if I myself am barely able to?'. From that day on, Antelopes have been quadrupeds.

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