Friday, May 13, 2011

Burak: Chapter 17

copper, peacock feather
From Borges-
" In the oldest versions of the story, Mohammed is guided by a man or an angel; in those of later date he is furnished with a heavenly stead, larger than an ass but smaller than a mule. The steed is Burak, whose name means 'shining.' According to Richard Burton, translator of The Book of a thousand and One nights and One Night, Moslems[sic] in India usually picture Burak with a man's face, the ears of an ass, a horse's body, and the wings and tail of a peacock"

For this mask, I modified the human face as little as possible, giving it a donkeys ears whose fluff is made of peacock feathers. If you look closely, there's  a little map for the guide to follow, inside those ears- from Mecca, to Jerusalem, to all seven levels of heaven.