Friday, May 20, 2011

The Double- Chapter 32

Copper, Mirror
If it is unclear from the photos here- The Double is only half a mask. I skipped ahead a bit, as things outside this project have gotten ridiculous, and I wanted something a little bit simpler to work on. This one I knew exactly what I wanted- what it should look like, how it would be constructed, and also, I already had all the parts. I am still putting off any mask for which I need to order parts, for financial reasons.

From Borges- "Suggested or stimulated by reflections in mirrors ans in water and by twins, the idea of the Double is common to many countries" Borges then goes on to list doubles in myth, fairytale, and literature; The doppelganger, the fetch, the wraith; stories by Stevenson, Rosetti, Hawthorne, Dostevsky, and more; and then on to Egyptian and Hebrew mythology. In most cases the Double seems to either cause or foretell doom, though there are some remarkable exceptions.

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