Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crocotta: half of Chapter 30

Copper with Stainless Steel Jaw
There are two creatures in Chapter 30- the full title is The Crocotta and the Leucrocotta. As the book progresses, there are quite a few chapters of this ilk; each creature will be treated as a finished entry.

From Borges- "Pliny writes (VIII 30) that the Crocotta is 'an animal which looks as though it has been produced by the coupling of the wolf and the dog, for it can break anything with its teeth...'"

So really, the Crocotta isn't imaginary at all. It is a hungry wolf. I'm under the impression that wolves already have pretty powerful jaws. Just in case, though, I gave my wolf a stainless steel jaw inset, with very sharp teeth.

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