Monday, May 9, 2011

The Basilisk: Chapter 14

Copper, Brass, and Broken Mirror
From Borges-
"Down through the ages, the Basilisk (also known as the Cockatrice) grows increasingly ugly and horrendous until today it is forgotten. It's name comes from the Greek and means "little king"; to the Elder Pliny (VIII, 33), it was a serpent bearing a brigh spot in the shape of a crown on its head. Dating from the Middle Ages, it became a four legged cock... What remains constant about the Basilisk is the deadly effect of its stare and its venom."

It wasn't till I was quite finished with this that I realized that the shape I cut out for the crown is quite precisely the little crown on the seat tube of my Independent Fabrications Crown Jewel. Apologies, IF, just know that I love my bicycle that much.