Thursday, May 5, 2011

**Work in Progress** A Story told in made up petroglyphs

For Antelopes with six Legs (chapter 8) Borges Chose to tell a whole story- rather an anomaly in the book. Following suit, I, too, am telling hte whole story- in petroglyphs up, and then down, the antelope's two horns. Here's how I'm telling this:
1)The six legged antelopes graze in peace
2)The hunter finds them
3) The hunter gives chase
4) The Antelope is too fast, and escapes
5)A barking dog alerts the hunter to a magic tree
6) The hunter makes skates from the magic tree
7)the hunter finds the antelope again
8)The hunter is now fast enough
9)the hunter catches the antelope
10)The hunter cuts off the back two legs, in order to slow down future antelopes for future, slower hunters.

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